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  • The infrastructure, knowing how to distinguish the different layers
  • Automation, definition and evolution
  • A complex project reflected in several axes
  • What is a successful automation project?

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The automation of the infrastructure will meet several challenges, particularly in terms of saving time and efficiency. To be scalable and to follow the growth of the activity while optimizing the costs, it is necessary to set up a solid infrastructure base, able to respond in real time to the load increases and to the configurations required for each problem.

In order to successfully implement this project, it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the needs and structure of the information system, which must determine the sequencing of actions as well as the choice and introduction of tools.

Infrastructure automation is an in-depth transformation project of the entire IT system, where it is essential to engage teams at all levels. Successfully transforming to infrastructure automation requires that you follow a series of steps to advance your maturity level.

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