Patrick Rochereau is Director of Blue Soft Cloud Infrastructure, part of the Blue Soft group. In this interview, he explains the organization, missions and issues that drive their customers.

What are Blue Soft Cloud Infrastructure's main missions?

" Blue Soft Cloud Infrastructure, which I'm fortunate enough to be able to manage, is one of the 5 major business lines of the Blue Soft group, and currently comprises 150 consultants. Cloud Infrastructure supports its customers in the transformation, management and evolution of their infrastructures. This involves current steps such asautomation, and the progressive integration of Artificial Intelligence. Our ultimate goal is to support our customers in the implementation ofautonomous infrastructures .

How is the management of Cloud Infrastructure organized?

" Blue Soft Cloud Infrastructure consists of two main departments. The first department, Consultingis focused on innovation, and is supported by a research and development laboratory. Its mission is to find the cutting-edge solutions that will solve the problems our customers will be facing in the near future.

The second department, focused on the "Build" and "Run" part, will design the solutions that have been imagined by Consulting. It will implement, manage and administer them, with traditional services (technical assistance), or through service centers. This can go as far as invoicing by gesture, which is based on service catalogs," says Patrick Rochereau.

What types of clients do you work with?

" Blue Soft has an extremely broad customer base.Today, we have over 200 customer references. For Blue Soft Cloud Infrastructure, we work mainly with the CAC 40, in the banking and insurance sectors, but not only. We also work with major utilities, particularly in the energy sector .

What are the main issues that drive your clients today?

Patrick Rochereau explains: " The issues that our customers are most concerned about today are those that are a little affected by the Covid crisis. Indeed, there is a strong desire to reduce costs. Our customers are launching automation programs across their entire infrastructure, whether on-premises or at Cloud. They ask us to implement analytics. This enables us to integrate Artificial Intelligence, and then move on to autonomous infrastructures. They also want to set up a form of supervision and monitoring for all their infrastructure equipment. Another topic on the agenda is the implementation of monitoring with KPIs, using tools such as Graphana ".

What values should a service company put forward to differentiate itself?

"The values of a service company are centered on excellence excellence, cohesion and commitment. These values, fundamental pillars of Blue Soft Cloud Infrastructure, are also shared within the group."

Why join the group Blue Soft ?

" The group Blue Soft has a particularity: it follows its consultants, invests in their training and allows them to develop their employability very strongly. This is the common objective of managers at all levels, from HR to the operational entities that I manage. Every day, we try with our employees to find a common path between their professional/personal project and the company's professional project. At Blue Soft, the training part is relatively important and goes far beyond the legal obligations. In concrete terms, some consultants benefit from 15, 20 days oftraining, or even more, in order to be accompanied in the realization of their missions and their increase in skills" concludes Patrick Rochereau.

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