Blue Soft Consulting

What is Blue Soft Consulting?

Blue Soft Consulting is the natural roundup of our subsidiaries dedicated to the consulting business.

With more than 100 consultants focused on the service sector, public or private, our teams address your transformation issues, whether you're a private company or a public institution.

The consulting activity of the Blue Soft Group also offers a methodological support to projects and a powerful accompaniment in the logic of bringing solutions for all business sectors.

How does Blue Soft Consulting work?

Blue Soft Consulting brings together certified consultants to help you master and succeed in your transformation projects:



Our consultants advise you on the management and steering of your transformations, as well as in the alignment of your strategy with the execution of your portfolio projects.

Project Manager MOA

Project Manager MOA

They manage your projects for you, using Waterfall or Agile methods.

Product Owner

Experts in Agile methodology, they are responsible for your business needs and make the link with the technical part of your project.

Scrum master

Scrum Master

They ensure compliance with the Scrum framework and are committed to promoting and applying Scrum values and practices, while remaining flexible and open to opportunities for improvement.



The Project Manager Officers work with the transformation managers and provide them with an operational and valued vision of the management and steering of transformations.

All our teams are based in France, in our agencies in Paris, Niort and Toulouse.

Consulting offers for whom?

  • Trade and distribution

  • Banks

  • Insurance

  • Mutuals

  • Transport and logistics
  • Public institution

Consulting offers for what?

  • Transformation management

  • Agility

  • Agility at scale

  • AMOA

  • AMOE

  • Management of technical, regulatory and process projects

Blue Soft Consulting is also a member of Aurore research program!

logo of the Aurore research program Blue Soft

Launched in 2010, Aurore is a unique research program in France. Thanks to the interactions with Blue Soft Consulting consultants, the Aurore program produces interesting knowledge to respond to current customer issues.

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