Blue Softan entrepreneurial adventure that began in 2008

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Blue Soft Group is a Digital Services Company with operations in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Promoting the industrialization of the digital economy for businesses and the public sector since 2008, Blue Soft Group federates 6 complementary entities, specialized in consulting, Cloud and infrastructures, agile development, UX and UI and Microsoft solutions.

With offices in Paris, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Rouen, Niort, Toulouse and Strasbourg, as well as in Geneva and Brussels, the Blue Soft group and its 900 talents work with local and national ecosystems to help them deploy the full potential of their IT and business projects.

Created and managed by our two co-directors (Thierry Boccara and Ludovic Hayat), serial entrepreneurs, the Blue Soft group aims to become a major player in the European service sector within the next 5 years. To achieve this, we are combining external and organic growth.

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Our CSR commitments at Blue Soft

To inspire our new CSR policy and commitments at Blue Soft, we have chosen not to have ideas come from above, but to have our consultants contribute with their tremendous energy. Working groups have been organized with volunteer employees from our various subsidiaries at different levels of the organization. The aim of this cross-functional project is to translate the group's commitments into action, based on three pillars:



Unite all employees around innovative and committed projects, be a learning and inclusive company, and declare transparency fundamental in the fight against all forms of discrimination and harassment.


Improving company practices by...


Improve corporate practices by questioning, at all levels, the impact of our activities and decisions on society and the environment, making a genuine transition in terms of carbon footprint and eco-behavior.



Enriching dialogue with our stakeholders and raising their awareness of CSR issues, improving our territorial footprint by developing local employment and value creation, and developing a civic commitment by supporting projects and organizations of general interest.
develop a civic commitment by supporting public-interest projects and organizations.

Project Indigo

Convinced that the Group's strength lies in our talents, Blue Soft has decided to launch Project Indigo in 2021.

Project Indigo is a collaborative program designed to give our teams the opportunity to get involved in projects that are important to them and in line with our values. The program includes associations proposed by our employees, to whom we offer project financing, communications support for defined actions and the possibility of skills sponsorship.

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