The acceleration of companies' move to cloud ambitions and the renewal of customer confidence, combined with the excellent health of the infrastructure and digital businesses, have reinforced Blue Soft 's effective development strategy.

Charenton-le-Pont, March 16, 2023 - The Blue Soft group, a business and digital services company, announces sales growth of €89 million in 2022, up 10% on 2021. After another year of consolidation in its Cloud and Infrastructure businesses, the Blue Soft group intends to accelerate the industrialization of its Consulting and PMO offering.

For the Blue Soft group, 2022 marks the realization of our corporate strategies Cloud and the renewal of our customers' trust.

The move to cloud has become systematic among major accounts, as they implement their transformation plans.

" The Group exceeded its growth targets for 2022, driven by the strength of our Cloud Infrastructure business," emphasizes Thierry BOCCARA, co-CEO of Blue Soft. Alongside these large-scale initiatives, Blue Soft provided extensive support to mid-sized companies for their digital projects and specific deployments in 2022.

Also driving this growth, the group's specialist Microsoft solutions BU Blue Soft has won the renewal of CAIH's (Centrale d'Achat de l'Informatique Hospitalière) Microsoft services contract for 2022, worth €40 million over 4 years.

The digital pillar, represented by Digital Factory and its agency Le Renard Bleu, is a third key growth area for the Group. This is an increasingly important point of entry into the functional needs of business sectors, and its high-quality approach to each project strengthens the bond of trust with project owners.

Recruitment targets achieved

Blue Soft Group had 850 employees at the end of 2022. 150 new consultants were recruited during 2022, despite a marked freeze in the job market and a wait-and-see attitude on the part of applicants. The Blue Soft Group has been able to offer its employees interesting assignments that contribute to their professional development and their desire to remain with the Group.

"Ludovic HAYAT, co-director of the Blue Soft group, explains: " In the short and medium term, we really want to build a future for the engineers who join us, and this often made the difference when it came to making a choice .

The Blue Soft group has set itself the same recruitment targets for 2023, particularly for its Cloud Infrastructure business. " We also recently announced the reinforcement of internal mobility. More gateways, either geographical or business-specific, will enable employees to move from one branch to another. While this possibility has always existed informally, it was important to organize the process," adds Ludovic HAYAT.

2023: a 10% organic growth target

"Blue Soft Group is a medium-sized company with a rather SME-oriented mindset in our management, whose strategy is based on the long term. Our company is committed to sustained organic growth, backed up by acquisitions designed to complement our most important service offerings ", explains Thierry BOCCARA.

While 2022 saw no new companies join the group, Blue Soft kicks off 2023 with the acquisition of two companies: Scient, an ESN specializing in digital transformation and data, and Code Insider, a consulting firm with expertise in Microsoft technologies and advanced software development methodologies, bringing the Blue Soft group's workforce to over 900.

At the same time, the Blue Soft group is announcing a target of €103 million in sales for 2023, i.e. +10%, for organic growth alone, with the added leverage of a major industrialization of the group's historic consulting business.

" We want to massify our Product Management Officer offering, drawing on the excellence of our Blue Soft Consulting entity," explains Thierry BOCCARA.

A collaborative CSR policy 2022 - 2024

Contributive and cross-functional, the Group's CSR policy Blue Soft is based on commitments initiated by working groups made up of volunteers from the Group's agencies. A common strategic axis for 2022/2024 is based on the 3 pillars of environmental, social and economic responsibility.

The Blue Soft group regularly reviews all its practices with regard to their impact on society and the environment. Towards a learning and inclusive company, Blue Soft also intends to participate in dialogue and raise awareness, and is committed to a concrete approach in its local area.

Holder of the EcoVadis Silver Medal since 2016, the Blue Soft group has all the evidence of commitment to probity to claim the EcoVadis Gold Medal this year.

" Beyond that, we are pursuing a policy of offsetting our carbon footprint and have been seeking to achieve balance, year after year, since 2016. Our annual carbon footprint is encouraging, and we are multiplying our initiatives, formalized within our recently updated CSR charter ," adds Thierry BOCCARA.

Finally, for the second year running, the Group is renewing the Indigo experience, a collaborative program designed to support employees' associative projects. "The Indigo project animates the life of the company and concerns subjects that touch us on a human level," comments Ludovic Hayat. " We have therefore encouraged our departments to continue in this direction, and 17 applications have been submitted this year, compared with 9 last year, representing 16 new associations ".


About us Blue Soft Group

Blue Soft Group is a Digital Services Company present in France, Switzerland and Belgium. Promoter of the industrialization of the digital economy for companies and the public sector since 2008, Blue Soft Group federates 6 complementary entities, specialized in consulting, Cloud and infrastructures, agile development, UX/UI and Microsoft solutions.

With offices in Paris, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Rouen, Niort and Toulouse, as well as in Geneva and Brussels, the Blue Soft group and its 900 employees work with local and national ecosystems to help them deploy the full potential of their IT and business projects.

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