As one of the French leaders in medical diagnostics, the INOVIE Group called on Blue Soft Empower to deploy Microsoft 365 collaborative tools in its 32 subsidiaries.

With 8,000 employees in France and the French overseas departments and territories, the INOVIE Group has established itself as a leader in medical biology. With 650 sites in France and 80 state-of-the-art technical platforms, the Group takes care of more than 80,000 patients every day.

Although its know-how in medical diagnostics was already well established, internally the INOVIE Group lacked a transverse solution to promote collaboration between its various subsidiaries.

Standardize and further secure your IS with Microsoft 365 tools

INOVIE has chosen to deploy Microsoft 365 in order to standardize the solutions of its entities. The result is increased collaboration and even greater efficiency, but also enhanced security. Denis Roux, Director of Information Systems, explains this choice: " The idea was to go beyond a simple messaging system with an Office package. The Microsoft 365 suite offers tools that allow us to improve the level of security and central control of our workstations."

This Microsoft 365 migration project primarily meets two objectives of the biomedical group:

  • Give each employee a unique digital identity, to facilitate connections to different tools and create digital bridges between subsidiaries;
  • Encourage collaboration and exchanges thanks to tools such as Teams, Outlook or SharePoint which allow to share documents and co-edit them, to organize online multi-site meetings, to exchange via instant messaging and to quickly send information back to the company.

In video | The INOVIE Group facilitates collaboration between its 30 subsidiaries with Microsoft 365

User support to boost the use of Microsoft 365 collaborative tools

With all the changes it implies, the migration project to Microsoft 365 logically included support for users so that they could get to grips with the new solutions. Through workshops and webinars organized with Blue Soft Empower , the INOVIE Group teams were able to take full measure of the potential of Microsoft solutions, but also to experience in a concrete way how these tools meet their daily needs.

The deployment of Microsoft solutions has facilitated many tasks for the various departments, as Denis Roux points out:

I'll take a simple example: financial reporting. Every month, the group's finance department received a financial report in Excel and had to consolidate it by copying and pasting through 32 Excel files. Now, each subsidiary has its own tab and the information is automatically uploaded. It sounds basic, but it's been a revolution, it's really a big change. It's faster, it's more reliable, and we no longer have endless email exchanges.

A reorganization of the IT department with more agility

With the adoption of Microsoft 365 in all of the group's entities, the IT department had to rethink its organization somewhat. To meet the administration needs of the cross-functional collaborative solution, a central team was created to quickly respond to requests from the group's 32 subsidiaries. This de-scheduling of the IT department's activities has enabled it to rationalize the management of collaborative tools and structure the IT department as a service center.

A year-long smooth migration

From start to finish, INOVIE's Microsoft 365 migration project will have lasted one year. To successfully complete a project of this scale, it is necessary to rely on trusted partners. Denis Roux, INOVIE's CIO, had already worked with the Blue Soft Empower teams in the past. Satisfied with his first experience, he naturally proposed to call on our teams again for INOVIE.

In one year, 8,000 people in some thirty subsidiaries were migrated. To achieve this, the Group's Microsoft ultra-specialist Blue Soft was able to demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness:

"What is particularly appreciated is the flexibility and responsiveness that Empower brings. They really adapt to the context of each subsidiary, each one being migrated as a separate project. The contexts are always different, with surprises and special cases, different existing systems to be taken over. And each time, at Blue Soft Empower , we find the right expert on the given subject to be able to support us in complete security. [I followed the first two projects closely, and then it turned out fine. I sleep well, so it's very appreciable."

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