Blue Soft Consulting presents its new community of practice associated with its PMO expertise offer.

Charenton-le-Pont, June 21, 2023 - The Blue Soft group, a business and digital services company, is announcing the structuring, within its Consulting division, of its Project Management Officer (PMO) offering, designed to support organizational change.

PMO : Technical expertise in project management

As the project manager's right-hand man, the Project Management Officer has a multi-faceted role: he harmonizes and disseminates project management methods and best practices, facilitates and drives risk management, measures results and contributes to team skills development.

The PMO is the technical expert in project management. According to Guillaume Raoul, consultant and trainer at Blue Soft Consulting: " There would probably be no major digital platform without a PMO, to regulate the uncertainty inherent in any large-scale project, while respecting deadlines and expectations" .

Blue Soft Consulting provides organizations with expert PMOs for the technical management of projects meeting business, technological, organizational or regulatory objectives. Blue Soft Consulting's PMOs provide organizations with a perfect command of current standards and best practices, which they are able to adapt to the environment and context of each project.

The PMO community of practice at the heart of Blue Soft Consulting

Because every PMO needs to be able to step back from all the expertise acquired over the years and projects, in order to choose the precise framework, practices and reference framework to apply in all circumstances, Blue Soft Consulting has created its PMO Community of Practice.

Aimed at employees of the Blue Soft Consulting division (PMO, project managers, program directors, consultants, human resources), as well as all Blue Soft staff interested in PMO issues, the community is a place for exchanging ideas and working together, for mutual support and progress. It also aims to train future PMOs and help disseminate best Project Management practices throughout the Group's business units.

130 Consulting members at Blue Soft

According to Anne-Lucie Philonenko, Director of Blue Soft Consulting, " Blue Soft Consulting's PMOs support their customers in the operational implementation of project and program management methods, in all their dimensions, enabling them to manage their projects and programs successfully.

Blue Soft Consulting brings together the teams of Daylight Consulting, which joined the group in 2018, and those of Ileo Conseil and Ileo Niort, which joined in 2020. The merger of these 3 structures, to form a single, large Consulting division by January 2022, is now complete.

Know-how in methodological support for projects and transformation is combined with expertise in project ownership and management. Today, Blue Soft Consulting complements the activities of Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Factory and Blue Soft Empower , enabling the Blue Soft group to offer its customers a complete range of services, backed up by invaluable PMO expertise.

About Blue Soft Group

Blue Soft Group is a Digital Services Company present in 6 French regions, as well as in Brussels and Geneva. Promoter of the industrialization of the digital economy for companies and the public sector since 2008, Blue Soft Group federates 5 complementary activities: Consulting, Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Factory, Empower and Engineering.

In 2022, the Blue Soft group achieved sales of €89m, with strong organic growth. In 2023, the group has also acquired two companies: Code Insider, a specialist in advanced software development methodologies, and Scient, an ESN expert in data.

Current figures blueThe 900 employees at Blue Soft - excluding acquisitions - work with local and national ecosystems to help them deploy the full potential of their IT and business projects, in project, mission and managed services mode.

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