Projetlys is evolving and becoming Blue Soft Empower , thus completing its integration into the Blue Soft group.

Charenton-le-Pont, March 30, 2023 - The Blue Soft group, a business and digital services company, has announced the adoption of the name Blue Soft Empower for its Microsoft solutions expert. Blue Soft Empower will continue to operate in perfect synergy with all Blue Soft entities, reinforcing the group's identity and the visibility of its offerings through its new brand.

Blue Soft Empowerin tribute to its teams, customers and partnership with Microsoft

Acquired in October 2019 by the Blue Soft group , Blue Soft Empower , formerly Projetlys, is the group's Microsoft solutions expert. A Microsoft partner, Blue Soft Empower boasts 9 advanced specializations and its consultants have obtained over 350 individual Microsoft certifications. Its mission is to help organizations reach their highest potential with Microsoft solutions.

For Patrick Dubois, associate CEO at Blue Soft Empower , the new name represents the continuity of Projetlys' history and the state of mind of the Blue Soft business unit: "behind Empower, there is the commitment of our teams to their missions as much as to our customers, to whom we transfer the ability to fully master the solutions and all the keys to developing their projects".

The result of a process of collective reflection, Blue Soft Empower was chosen by the employees of the BU, which has been gradually integrated into the Blue Soft group over the last three and a half years. "This is the final stage in the integration of the group, and an important symbol, as it establishes a common banner for varied and complementary teams," notes Patrick Dubois.

Promoting closer ties

With teams moving into shared premises and numerous transfers from one BU to another, the aim is also to enhance the clarity of the Group's offerings. The common visual identity also encourages a broader perception of the Blue Soft group, and the combination of services between entities.

"La Digitale Factory, for example, contributes its know-how in response to the high application development needs of Blue Soft Empower customers. The same goes for Renard Bleu, whose UX/UI expertise on our customers' intranets and EDM is particularly valued, and this on a recurring basis," adds Patrick Dubois.

A unique and successful mutualization model

However, the adoption of the Blue Soft Empower name does not alter the BU's operational positioning, which remains ultra-specialized in Microsoft solutions, nor its management or organization.

Alexandre Lamotte, associate CEO at Blue Soft Empower and co-founder of Projetlys, points out that pooling across the group is welcomed wherever it makes sense, while retaining the specific features, agility and spirit of each agency. "It's largely this approach that has ensured the success of each integration, including ours, and in which we recognized ourselves when we joined the group in 2019".

On the basis of this virtuous model, Blue Soft Empower is announcing 16% growth in 2022, including +25% in customer acquisitions in the business unit's three sectors of expertise, the 4-year renewal of the CAIH contract, confirmed positioning with public authorities and the healthcare sector, and reinforced support for projects with higher strategic stakes, notably carve-out/carve-in in the private sector.

To support its growth, Blue Soft Empower is continuing to recruit and is looking for Microsoft technical experts, consultants specializing in digital transformation and project managers, both junior and senior, in Paris, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence and Toulouse.

About Blue Soft Group

Blue Soft Group is a Digital Services Company with operations in France, Switzerland and Belgium. Promoter of the industrialization of the digital economy for companies and the public sector since 2008, Blue Soft Group federates 6 complementary entities, specialized in consulting, Cloud and infrastructures, agile development, UX/UI and Microsoft solutions. With offices in Paris, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Rouen, Niort and Toulouse, as well as in Geneva and Brussels, the Blue Soft group and its 900 employees work with local and national ecosystems to help them deploy the full potential of their IT and business projects.

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