Code Insider joins the group Blue Soft

Code Insider joins the Blue Soft group and boosts our software development offering with techniques and practices designed to ensure the highest quality of web engineering.


After the integration of Scient, another arrival in the group


Second acquisition at the beginning of 2023, after the purchase of Scient, an ESN specialized in digital transformation and data. Blue Soft opts this time for Code Insider, a French company created by Benjamin Vidon and César Mourot and endowed with an extra-qualitative code culture. "Code Insider is the extra soul in the code business that we were looking for, this excellence capable of being industrialized without losing any of its quality principles" explains Ludovic HAYAT, co-director with Thierry BOCCARA, of the Blue Soft group. "It is also a very attractive company professionally, which knows how to attach real enthusiasts. Benjamin and César are as sympathetic as competent in their speciality as in the management of the men and the women who compose the structure " adds Thierry BOCCARA.

With a turnover of €4M for the year 2022, Code Insider is the new nugget to join the group's entities Blue Soft, testifying to similar entrepreneurial cultures. " We have studied many business proposals during the year 2022 but few companies meet our criteria of solidity and growth potential, while carrying compatible, common values, practiced with our customers as well as with our employees " add the two leaders of Blue Soft.

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Code Insider, the code artist

Founded 7 years ago by Benjamin Vidon (ISEP Paris) and César Mourot (Sorbonne management, economics and management), Code Insider produces software code for the largest companies in the media, aerospace, banking/insurance and energy sectors. The company employs about thirty consultants with a solid development culture, with a strong theoretical and practical background, which they complete with a high potential career path throughout their career in the structure.

Too many companies are still victims of technical debt accumulation. Code Insider contributes to its reduction by stimulating the love of clean code through the introduction of qualified methods and through demanding recruitment. Its DNA is based on the unquestionable application of the best techniques and practices of software development and the delivery of robust, maintainable and highly scalable systems.

"It was in September 2022 that we met Thierry and Ludovic, who fully reassured us of the sincerity of their offer. Their reliability and openness confirmed our decision to offer our employees new opportunities for development or assignments within a solid group. In addition, the possibility given to our teams to work in project mode, which we had not yet been able to offer them, is a substantial advantage" explain César Mourot and Benjamin Vidon.

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A promising newcomer for the group at the beginning of the year, to learn more about Code Insider's offerings, contact us.

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