With the mobile application project, CCIFI Connect, Blue Soft and CCI France International have created a real partnership that goes beyond a simple customer relationship.

Charles Maridor, General Delegate of CCI France International and Pascal Ameline, in charge of the digital activity at CCI France International tell you how this relationship was born and how these links were forged.

Why did you call on Blue Soft ?

The vision of Charles Maridor on the project: "We, CCI France International, had for a long time a project of mobile application and it is clear that the health crisis and the acceleration of the digitalization for many organizations during this period encouraged us to accelerate on this project and to launch it. To do this, we explored the market and studied different options and finally, Blue Soft, seemed to be the right company to solicit for this project and we found with Blue Soft, not only a service provider, but also a partner who understood our specificities and who knew how to adapt to our constraints whether they are organizational or financial."

What did you like about the approach of Blue Soft and the Blue Fox?

Pascal Ameline presents what seduced him in the collaboration: "There are many elements that we liked in the approach Blue Soft and I retain 4 mainly.

  • The first element is that Blue Soft was able to provide us with a clear methodology, a clear framework on which we relied in all stages of the project. From the UX/UI design workshops to the production launch, helping us to stay focused on the end user.
  • The second point we liked was that they really understood our specificities, our constraints, our existing situation, our DNA, and we were able to work well with our internal project team, but also with our other agencies that were involved in the project.
  • The third thing I liked about the Blue Soft approach is that despite the complicated situation we were living in with the confinements, the telecommuting, the absence of physical meetings and meetings with the teams Blue Soft, they managed to set up innovative tools, innovative solutions in particular to animate our first UX/UI ecodesign workshops, to define our mock-ups, our wireframes in virtual work spaces.
  • The fourth thing we liked about the Blue Soft approach was the human side, the good mood of the teams, the solidarity between the teams, the good communication between the teams, and the good atmosphere. These are also conditions for the success of a project of this type.

Today, CCI FI has more than a client relationship with Blue Soft, what can you say about this partnership and what are the benefits?

"If I had to sum up the relationship with Blue Soft in 3 words, it's commitment. All the teams were involved from the beginning to the end of the project. It's team spirit and it's transparency in terms of development time, delivery time, and costs. There is only one regret though. It's the regret of not having known Blue Soft earlier."concludes Pascal

We also conducted a customer interview on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJxvWxVYY1w

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