Long known for its experience in retail, the group Blue Soft has been supporting IDKIDS in its digital transformation for several months. Here is a look at an ambitious and coherent project.

The IDKIDS community

Born with Okaïdi 20 years ago, the ÏDKIDS community has been accelerating its transformation over the past few years with the implementation of a common web platform for all its brands. This is a key project for the future that aims to ensure the coherent development of all its brands in the service of the group's commitment: WE ACT FOR KIDS.

ÏDKIDS brings together a community of brands, products and services that are beneficial and militant for children aged 0 to 12. They all share the same project to act so that the world progresses in the service of the growing child, a project summarized by the commitment "WE ACT FOR KIDS".

  • Collections of clothing, shoes and accessories: Jacadi, Okaïdi, Obaïdi ;
  • Games and toys : Oxybul,
  • Daycares and leisure activities : Rigolo Comme la Vie,
  • Edutainment activities: N'Joy,
  • App for parents to share their children's journeys: Cmabulle,
  • Parenting magazine: Bubble Mag,
  • Consumer guide to online childcare : Consobaby...

These highly diversified activities stem from a 20-year history punctuated by numerous mergers. As a result, the information system, which is the legacy of this history, is made up of different "silos" that the group now wants to bring together, rationalize and modernize.

This redesign will also enable the deployment of new services and reduce the environmental footprint of IT systems.

Pool the resources and technologies of IDKIDS and Blue Soft

Two years ago, when the community dimension of the group was made official with the birth of ÏDKIDS, an ambitious transformation project was launched. The objective was to set up a common web platform for all the brands.

" Our brands are strong. We want them to stay that way and retain their unique identities," explains François Malinge, Group Web Information System Manager. "On the other hand, at the IT level, we are moving towards rationalization with a pooling of resources and technologies .

Give the trades the means to develop through Blue Soft

This colossal project involves fundamental changes to both the common web platform and the back office: rationalization of ERPs, implementation of repositories, etc. This transformation also requires changes in business processes. Thus, through this transformation, the entire organization of the group is being rethought to better serve the business needs.

" Through a single platform, we want to provide services to businesses so that they no longer have to worry about the technical side of things and have all the tools and resources they need to develop their business," explains Cédric Paynot, technical manager of the Web platform project.

A close collaboration between IDKIDS and Blue Soft

The project is all the more ambitious as François Malinge's teams must continue to operate the existing system and begin to deliver new services to the business.

To support this transformation, ÏDKIDS chose to work with Blue Soft in a managed mode. This choice was made in view of the fruitful relationships that already existed (services have been provided by Oxybul for over 4 years) and the quality of the consultants involved.

" Seven consultants from Blue Soft are currently working with us at different levels. They are involved in the design of the new architecture, project management, development and R&D. The objective is to build a completely new foundation, with innovative technologies and approaches," notes François Malinge. They are fully invested in our transformation and support us in innovation on best practices, optimizations and technical choices.

A rich collaboration, based on a relationship of trust and proximity.

Technical and business expertise

In our managed services mode, the person is more important than the skills we can expect from external service providers," continues François Malinge. The consultants at Blue Soft are completely integrated into our decision-making and development cycle. Their involvement goes far beyond the technical side: they understand our business objectives and give us the benefit of their expertise, particularly in e-commerce, which helps us considerably .

A precious help to meet the multiple challenges of a well-filled roadmap over the next two years. And that can evolve at any time: " The ÏDKIDS adventure continues and will inevitably have its ups and downs. We will have to be agile. In this context, relying on the know-how of Blue Soft is a real plus ", concludes the Group's Web Information System Manager.

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