In September 2022, Blue Soft Consulting set up its first PMO community of practice. The aim is to provide a space for employees to exchange ideas with other teams interested in the same theme. It also aims tostandardize PMO practices within the Group and its subsidiaries.

A member-driven PMO community of practice

First of all, this community was created by a group of consultants who wanted to have a space to discuss their ideas. They also wanted to share their processes, experiences, successes and learnings with other employees interested in the same topic. "It's a group of people who work on the same subjects. They will share a common vocabulary and develop around the theme of PMO," says Dalyl Hadj Bouzid, a project management consultant Daylight Consulting and facilitator of the PMO community.

Today, it has about twenty employees from the group Blue Soft and its subsidiaries who are interested in PMO activities.

The PMO Community of Practice offers two activities:

  • Above all, regular exchanges on a dedicated Teams channel. A channel where all the participants will be able to help each other, ask questions, provide added value and answers to each other's questions for their different missions.
  • Secondly, the production of new knowledge and new tools to help PMOs, as well as the whole cluster, to develop. This is achieved through the organization of 2 to 3 workshops per year on a voluntary basis.

A community open to all

"The community is open to all people who are interested in the topics covered by the community," explains Nabila Benmostefa, researcher and supporter of the PMO community at Blue Soft Consulting.

Not only PMOs themselves, but also project managers and program directors who interact with PMOs on a daily basis, are certainly welcome. "We're not forgetting human resources, who can gain a better understanding of the role of a PMO through the community," asserts Dalyl Hadj Bouzid.

Led by the group's Consulting activity Blue Soft, this community aims to integrate a maximum of people from the group, all subsidiaries included.

Next steps for the Community of Practice

"2023 is going to be a pivotal year for the community. So that's when we're really going to kick off a lot of things," Dalyl introduced.

In the end, there are two main topics of focus. Over the1st half of the year, the community and its members will be working on the implementation of a best practice guide. Aimed at PMOs, this guide will support their day-to-day work and standardize the know-how of the group's PMOs. For the2nd half of the year, the objective - "which is even more ambitious", Dalyl admits - will be to set up a real training program for future PMOs in the Consulting division.

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