A3IS and Stanfeel join the group Blue Soft at the beginning of this year 2016 which starts under the best auspices. We are pleased to announce the arrival of these two new entities in our group. A3IS, expert in coached management and development of digital solutions and Stanfeel, specialist in information system security and continuity plans.

Strengthening of the digital division Blue Soft thanks to Stanfeel and A3IS

A3IS consolidates our digital pole while allowing us to position ourselves on the market of e-commerce sites and mobility. This entity is specialized in the integration of innovative IT solutions, especially multi-channel e-commerce platforms. A3IS gives Blue Soft the capacity to accompany our customers in the realization of your projects with high technological value.

The A3IS offer is different from other pure players because of its approach focused on human resources and performance management. The coaching provided free of charge around the mission allows to keep the employees in their missions to ensure their commitment and motivation. This results in a benefit for the client in terms of ROI. It is also, for our employees, a real source of professional development. It is a win-win relationship.

An asset for the security division Blue Soft

The Stanfeel consulting firm strengthens our security division with its leadership in operational risk management and business continuity. In order to master its subjects perfectly, the company has specialized in security and risk management for IS and datacenters.

Its offers are positioned on several fields:

  • Business continuity and crisis management,
  • IT backup, IT hosting strategy,
  • urbanization and operation of datacenters
  • information system security.

To succeed in its missions, Stanfeel has solid assets with a team of experts in the field based on a pragmatic and proven methodology. A team of dedicated consultants having carried out more than 400 missions in all sectors of the economy. Finally, it is also a 15-year experience in the development of crisis management systems and the management of real disasters.

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