The TMS of transportation software publisher Strada has undergone a major overhaul by the Blue Soft teams. Did you know that Blue Soft has been supporting STRADA in its new technological positioning since 2020?

TMS, the heart of the STRADA business

In January 2021, STRADA placed an order with Blue Soft for 20 sprints to rethink its core TMS software, the transport management system. The project concerns the development of two new tools, one for invoicing, for the edition of counter invoices and the invoicing of transport hours, the other one intended for the creation of tariff grids. Two teams Blue Soft are working in parallel on the development of new applications linked to the TMS and the back office.

Developed in .NET Core, the eFact and Pricer applications have benefited from the agile methodology supported by Blue Soft. The project also involves an external Product Owner (PO) Blue Soft, to support the STRADA Product Owner. Dedicated to product management, the PO mission aims to elaborate the MVP, the content and prioritization of the backlog, the writing of user stories, and the definition of acceptance criteria.

Between mid-January 2021 and the end of September 2021, the project will be marked out by numerous UX/UI and business workshops, given STRADA's strong expectations in terms of user experience: ease of adoption, familiar universe, but also the possibility of tactile use to take into account possible changes in business practices.

The Blue Soft team then used the screens, user stories and ergonomics defined in this way to implement the technical part of the project. After the business and technical workshops in collaboration with the architects, a BUS architecture was set up to integrate the eFact solution with the TMS, and then the Pricer solution with eFact and the TMS.

A complete project of representation of the data model of the domain, in particular for the cartography, is led, as well as a service of express development for the generation of PDF of the various invoices.

This was followed by the integration of the documents in S3, the definition of the components for the entry of the tariff grid, the export and import of a tariff grid, as well as the integration of the GOUV API calls for the recovery of the geolocation data of the communes and departments.

The recipe, on the other hand, remained in the hands of the internal STRADA teams, as planned.

STRADA, a large-scale IT project

With STRADA World, a SaaS platform for its customers and partners, STRADA is making a major shift Cloud and data driven, supported by solutions that are guided by a constant concern for a constantly evolving and even changing user experience.

This is why Blue Soft and its digital factory have been reinforcing the internal teams of the STRADA group and their service providers since spring 2020. Their interventions concern technical assistance and numerous development missions, within the framework of the complete overhaul of the transport ERP towards the SaaS mode and the redefinition of the service architectures.

More precisely, it is between July and November 2020 that STRADA calls upon Blue Soft to develop the application part of the back office and in particular the management of the users over ten sprints.

Head of Packages and Service Centers at Blue Soft, Zine Djelouah explains the notion of sprints according to Blue Soft : " Our customers are free to order as many sprints as they want from Blue Soft , according to their needs, within the framework of our agile offers. These are generic sprints, each representing 34 man-days, i.e. two-week development cycles including testing, UX/UI, expertise, from planning to retrospective ".

STRADA World representing a great technological challenge, additional needs of synchronization of the various teams intervening on the project, of reprioritization and of a specific approach of MVP (Minimum Valid Product) appeared. A project management ensured by Zine Djelouah is decided so that the objectives are reached within the fixed time.

2022, the support continues

With the support of the Blue Soft teams, deadlines were met and the reception of the new TMS tools in particular was completely satisfactory. A demonstration to the end users confirmed that they were easy to adopt and were quickly adopted. In addition, the technical and ergonomic choices have clearly met the daily needs of users.

Blue Soft continues its support of the STRADA teams with 30 additional sprints ordered for the generation of an IoT back office tool, allowing to manage both the boxes embedded in the vehicles and the data they produce. At the same time, a second team Blue Soft is working on the finalization of some features of the STRADA Time portal.

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