As part of the development of the mobile application, CCIFI Connect, Blue Soft and CCI France International quickly decided to use Flutter technology , Google's hybrid framework. Pascal Ameline, in charge of digital activities at CCI France International, explains the reasons behind this choice.

Proven technologies and a focus on mobile technologies at CCI France International

Ahead of the creation of their CCIFI Connect application, Pascal Ameline looks back at the existing situation within his organization: "We have an existing digital platform based on 3 pillars. A web pillar with a site factory, a CRM pillar that manages and pilots all chamber activity, and a marketing pillar with a suite that is there to generate leads. In 2019, we have embarked on a mobile wallet project, to take advantage of native Apple and Android technologies to join the mobile adventure [...]". This complex and ambitious project will be one of the decisive factors in the choice of the right framework for CCI France International: Flutter.

What were your constraints in choosing the technology for CCI France International?

"For this application, we didn't want a back office, hence the need to create API links, or API routes. The aim was to retrieve content from our platform and display it in the mobile application. We also had a huge multilingualism problem, as our network is present all over the world," explains Pascal. He confirms 3 needs for the application:
  • Be able to manage content in about 30 languages.
  • Two versions of the application, an IOS version and an Android version from the first version.
  • A solution that is as fluid and efficient as possible.
He also talks about how CCI France International approached the choice of mobile: "In terms of technology, we were just starting out on the mobile adventure. We were hearing a lot about native, hybrid, progressive webapps, Reacnative and Flutter. We were a bit lost in all these technical acronyms at the time.

What role did Blue Soft play in the choice of Flutter?

"Blue Soft was able to adapt to our constraints and understand our needs and specific requirements, offering us the most appropriate technical solution, both technically and financially. We chose the Flutter solution, which is a development framework proposed by Google. This enabled us to reduce our development time and costs, and to maintain a single source code.
In the long term, this means that with each new version, we will only maintain a single source code for IOS and Android," concludes Pascal Ameline .

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