User experience, often abbreviated to "UX", has become an essential element in the development of digital products. At the intersection of design, psychology and technology, the UX Designer profession has emerged in response to the need to create products that are not only functional, but also pleasant to use.


An emerging business

UX activities are generating a lot of recruitment today. We're talking about a 30% increase in the number of UX experts employed within companies. They play an increasingly central role in the development of digital products, which has proven its importance for today's businesses. It encompasses a set of practices aimed at improving user satisfaction and ease of use when interacting with a product, whether it's a mobile app, a website, software or even a connected physical product.

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It's a profession that's become very popular. We've heard a lot about it in recent years. Most of the time, UX teams are recruited from agencies like ours: Le Renard Bleu. Le Renard Bleu - Digital transformation consulting agency (

These agencies often internalize UX missions.

What's more, this sector is constantly evolving. UX professionals have an essential role to play in ensuring that these products offer experiences that go beyond mere functionality, creating memorable and meaningful interactions. They spend 50% of their time anticipating problems that typically cost companies time and money. From Testapic's article: 39 UX statistics that speak for themselves - Testapic %


How do I become a UX designer?

It's possible to train in the traditional way. But there are also many online UX training courses. There's something for everyone, from longer courses to shorter, more concentrated ones. The aim is to take in as much information as possible in a very short time. Today, if you have a grounding in design, strategy or communications, there are many ways to learn about UX.

The UX Designer profession requires a unique combination of skills. In addition to a solid understanding of graphic design, ergonomics and cognitive psychology, the UX Designer must be able to collaborate closely with other team members, such as developers and product managers. Skills in user research, data analysis and storytelling are also invaluable for success in this field.

One way or another, it will be possible to learn this new trade in the way that best suits you. In this sector, you learn a lot by doing, by practicing, by meeting users. Once you've mastered the methods and the overall framework, it's within certain projects that you learn the most, and that you can progress to UX.


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A new profession for the future

While this profession is very attractive to recent graduates, it remains a new one. In particular, it also attracts people undergoing retraining. These are mainly people from other backgrounds, such as communications, graphic design and others.

This profession represents an approach, a set of concepts and a methodology that has been fully integrated by today's companies.

The UX designer profession is very diverse. There's a wide range of customers to work with.

The aim is to really immerse yourself in the customer's business. There are also a multitude of UX-related missions. When a UX process is created and put in place, there is a sequence of very different stages. The UX Designer creates prototypes and mock-ups, tests them with users, gathers feedback and makes adjustments accordingly. This ensures that the final product is aligned with real user needs and offers a coherent, engaging experience.

Finally, the UX designer manager will have a completely different range of missions. He or she will juggle team planning and consultant supervision. He'll do all this while continuing to help customers build a process. He will then implement this UX approach to design their solutions.

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