In an ever-changing IT marketthe changing needs of IT Departments are increasingly complex. Numerous Microsoft solutions are available, enabling thus adapt à any issues encountered byorganizations. Alexandre Lamotte and Patrick Dubois, co-directors de Blue Soft Empower, our subsidiary specialist for Microsoft solutions, tell us more.

The evolution of the challenges in the IT market and the needs of the IT department

Organizations today have two main needs. First and foremost, structures are looking to implement hybrid working to enable company staff to work both remotely and on-site. Teams and Viva solutions meet these requirements. They also address IS sizing to meet new business needs and the perpetual renewal of services and infrastructure solutions. Here, cloud Azure is the answer to these challenges.

Despite the difficulty of predicting tomorrow's issues, four fundamental points are observed. First of all, data processing and business process automation for which Power Platform and artificial intelligence are adapted. We also find the agility required in a context of merger and acquisition, for which the three Microsoft clouds are perfectly suited. At the heart of Microsoft's news and priorities, the security Data security remains a key issue for General Management and IT departments, which have the appropriate resources for all sizes of company. Finally, we observe that in organizations, the subject of eco-responsibility appears to be increasingly important. It is also a central element in the strategy of Microsoft and Blue Soft Empower for the years to come.

Supported and advised organizations

As Microsoft solutions are sufficiently modular to be able to respond to many problems encountered by organizations, the Blue Soft Empower teams support all types and sizes of structure.

"There's always a Microsoft solution to meet customers' needs. You only have to look at the Office 365 solutions on show today to be convinced of the fact that it will naturally bring value to your information system and naturally to your business" explains Alexandre Lamotte, co-director of the structure.

With the evolution of Information Systems towards cloud, it would be legitimate to think that technical requirements will be less and less of a priority for IT Departments. However, this is not entirely true. Even with the predominance of technologies such as SaaS, technical expertise is still essential to implement coherent solutions that will continue to grow in complexity.

On the functional side, companies will always look for more value. For this, Office 365 regularly brings new features to allow structures to keep their competitiveness and efficiency on the handling of tools.

The ultra-specialist in Microsoft solutions to keep pace with the changing needs of CIOs

The core business of Blue Soft Empower is to bring value to organizations through its expertise in Microsoft solutions and its good knowledge of their business.

The spectrum of intervention of our specialist is very wide. He offers expertise around Microsoft solutions on the 3 clouds, both on Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics. " Blue Soft Empower Also has expertise with an ecosystem of partners that allows us to complement Microsoft solutions around the implementation of solutions, governance and user experience." says Patrick Dubois, co-CEO of the company.

Our subsidiary's teams also provide technical expertise with the migration of customer environments to Office 365, and functional expertise with the acceleration of the adoption of uses.

Trained and certified consultants

Our consultants are specialists in the Microsoft domain. More than that, they are passionate about this universe and about all the products that are provided and developed by the editor, which allows them to accompany structures more efficiently.

Our teams are experts in Microsoft solutions and beyond. The company strives to ensure that each consultant has a level of expertise in all areas of intervention. " For example, we ensure that our project managers are properly trained in ITIL standards and Prince 2 methodology. As another example, our change management teams are systematically certified in Prosci and trained in our change management and adoption methodology", says Alexandre Lamotte. says Alexandre Lamotte.

This ultra-specialist in Microsoft solutions and companion solutions meets the needs of organizations thanks to its relationship as a partner with Microsoft, but also thanks to the level of expertise of its consultants. Blue Soft Empower invests heavily in training and certification of its employees from the moment they join the company. Today, Blue Soft Empower federates more than 300 individual certifications obtained by our consultants, 16 levels of Microsoft Gold certification and 4 Microsoft advanced specialization, ensuring a very high level of expertise on all Microsoft solutions.

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