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Letsignit solution facilitates email signature management at Softway Medical

The Letsignit solution, of which Blue Soft Empower is a partner, allows to create and manage the email signatures of an organization's staff through a simple and intuitive interface. The company Softway Medical has adopted it and gives us its feedback. Anthony Brasdefer, its information systems manager, in charge of the company's IT assets as well as the use and evolution of business tools, answered our questions. How did the need for a solution like Letsignit emerge and what does it allow you to do concretely? Anthony Brasdefer. Initially, it was a need of the communication department which wanted to better communicate with our customers through signatures. Letsignit allows us to deploy and centralize the management of the company's signatures, but also to set up banners for both internal communication, but also with our customers. The Letsignit solution has also allowed us to modulate communications according to the profile of the people in the company, i.e. I will communicate in a different way than other departments with our customers. What has Letsignit changed in Softway Medical's processes and daily life? AB. Letsignit has made it possible to simplify, on a daily basis, [...]

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PACK Solutions calls on Blue Soft to deploy Microsoft 365

PACK Solutions called on the expertise of the Empower teams to implement Microsoft Office 365. Christophe Court, Infrastructure Manager at PACK Solutions, gives his feedback on the Microsoft suite and on the collaboration with Blue Soft Empower . Presentation of the company PACK Solutions Christophe Court. PACK Solutions was founded in 2002 by our president Christophe Emprin. Our main site, which includes production, development and acceptance, is located in Les Angles. We also have a PRA/PCA in Paris. PACK Solutions is in full growth, we are around 280 employees today, we have recruited nearly a hundred people this year. Our main business is the management of savings products, life insurance, provident funds, group or individual for our major insurance clients. We manage contracts and annuities for them. We also have the overflow part, we delegate the expertise but working directly on the customer tools. In addition, we have a call center and a SAM service for business support. Finally, we have the development part, since we develop our own tools and make them evolve to meet the customers' demands and the [...]

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