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Work-study training has become a very popular way for young and old alike to learn, while being immersed in a company. The Blue Soft group has understood this and in 2023, within its group and its subsidiaries, 35 work-study-es.

The work-study program at Blue Soft enables trainees to-eto be trained-eUX, UI, Microsoft solutions, cloud, while gaining hands-on professional experience. Our work-study students have the opportunity to be integrated into teams of experienced professionals who are attentive to their needs, and who are given the chance to work on ambitious projects and real-life customer cases.

We attach particular importance to particular importance to the integration and training of work-study students and consider them as employees in their own right. Each work-study student is therefore accompanied by a tutor, an expert in his or her field, who monitors and and accompanies them.

Marlène, Recruitment Manager for digital factory talks to us about work-study programs in our podcast, Chroniques de talents bleus. Discover the extract:

And if our teams are in high demand for work-study profiles, our talents give back to us: it is not uncommon to see our work-study students co-opting their classmates!

The work-study program, and afterwards?

At Blue Soft, we are committed to transforming our work-study contracts into permanent contracts. This strategy is an important recruitment lever for our teams and has several advantages:

- Recruiting people we already know and who master our tools, our environment and our projects on permanent contracts

- The guarantee of recruiting committed and motivated employees

- It is also a cycle in which the former alternates leave their place to the new ones, who may later become experienced tutors!

Promoting work-study programs and school relationships, one of our CSR commitments Blue Soft

One of our commitments CSR COMMITMENTS commitment is to promote work-study programs and school relationships, and how has this been translated?

We wanted to strengthen the presence of work-study students in our teams by developing our school-company relationships.

  • We work in partnership with establishments specialized in the IT professions, throughout France, in particular CESI, ESTIAM or SIMPLON.
  • Our objective: to go out and meet our future alternates during jobdatings, fairs or forums, to identify and recruit the nuggets who will make Blue Soft Group tomorrow!

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