3 tips for a successful career in development

At Blue Soft, we believe that a successful career in development requires the right blend of in-depth technical know-how and the right mindset. In this article, we'll explore the 3 key points that will give you the best chance of success. A career in development: cultivate curiosity and continuous learning. The first key to a career in development is the ability to learn how to learn. It may sound trivial, but it's going to be crucial for a beginner to be able to rise to competence efficiently and quickly. This can be achieved through courses and tutorials, whether on YouTube, at school or on specialized forums. Another method is to work with the documentation provided by the various development frameworks. A perfect example is the Angular page, which offers ultra-complete documentation on its site, including details of all the new features of the various versions. Most of these sites offer courses adapted to all levels, whether you're a total beginner or an expert just looking for the latest features. Another good way to improve your skills is to work [...].

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Pair Programming: developing in pairs to do things better.

Pair Programming: collaboration and efficiency In a development project, an effective method for rapidly integrating a new developer is peer programming. This approach involves two or more people working together (ensemble programming) on the same piece of code. Using this method, teams can share knowledge and solve problems collectively. Pair Programming vs Ensemble Programming: understanding the subtleties Trivially speaking, we need to distinguish between pair programming, where developers work in pairs, and ensemble programming, where at least three people work together. Both of these methods aim to develop in groups, thus encouraging the sharing of skills and the collective upgrading of competence in less mastered subjects. In a related topic, we have written an article on alternation in development and the resulting rise in skills. The many advantages of developing together. Peer programming offers several advantages. It enables developers to enhance their technical and functional skills on complex subjects. It's also an excellent way of integrating new members into an existing team, or facilitating the transfer of knowledge when talent leaves. Quality and methodologies associated with Pair [...]

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Design an effective user interface in 4 steps

A good user interface in 4 steps. The UX methodology guides you through several essential steps to achieve your dream user interface. The Scoping and Research Phase You begin with a thorough scoping and research phase. This stage is crucial, as it allows you to immerse yourself in your customer's business. It helps you to develop a common language with users, creating the basis for meeting them and conducting the in-depth research needed to design a suitable user interface. During this phase, you can organize user interviews, focus groups, or even quantitative questionnaires when you have a substantial user base. The aim is to ask users about their needs and expectations of a new product. The solution definition phase After this research phase, we move on to the solution definition phase. This is where you define the functional structure of the solution, building the product skeleton with the main functionalities expected by users. The user interface design phase We then move on to the design phase, where we put [...]

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PMO: Project management office VS Project management officer

The term PMO, an acronym for Project Management Office, can refer to both a person and an organization. Although they share the same acronym, their roles differ slightly. In this article, find out more about the PMO as an organization and as a person, as well as their essential contributions to project management. PMO as an organization: project and program management for the company. The organizational PMO, sometimes referred to as the "project office", brings together professionals working together to oversee the management of projects and programs. Its role encompasses various aspects, such as defining work methodologies within the company. It supports projects in difficulty and acts as a reference point for project managers. As a central entity, it ensures consistent management of projects and portfolios. The PMO as a person: technical expertise and project monitoring The PMO as a person, or Project Management Officer, is technically responsible for monitoring and supervising projects. He represents the project management expert and ensures that objectives are met. He guides teams through technical challenges and guarantees the [...]

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What carbon footprint for IT?

What carbon footprint for IT? Today, one of the most topical issues is the environment. Kilowatts and kilowatts are consumed in data centers. They need to consume less energy. The digital sector alone accounts for 4% of all CO2 emissions, 1.5% more than air transport. Although specific needs are evolving, overall requirements remain the same. A few years ago, the overall need was to make more money by spending less. Today, the need is to keep our businesses viable while taking into account the scarcity of our planet's resources and their over-exploitation. The famous day when we consume the equivalent of a year's worth of the planet's production is arriving earlier and earlier every year. Today, companies are increasingly aware of this environmental constraint and need to become "greener". The carbon footprint is ultimately a good indicator of pollution, even if it should not be considered the only one. In our technical choices, we need to give priority to what is most efficient in terms of ecology. An IT infrastructure that needs to adapt [...]

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Flutter, a choice of Framework adapted to the specificities of CCI France International

For the development of the mobile application, CCIFI Connect, Blue Soft and CCI France International quickly decided to use Flutter technology, the hybrid framework from Google. Pascal Ameline, in charge of the digital activity at CCI France International explains the reasons that led him to make this choice. Prior to the creation of their CCIFI Connect application, Pascal Ameline looks back at what already exists in his organization: "We have an existing digital platform based on 3 pillars. A web pillar with a website factory, a CRM pillar that manages and pilots all the activity of the chambers and a marketing pillar with a suite that is there to generate leads. In 2019, we have embarked on a mobile wallet project, to be able to take advantage of native Apple and Android technologies to join the mobile adventure [...]". This complex and ambitious project will be one of the decisive points for the choice of the right framework for CCI France International: Flutter. What were your constraints in choosing the technology for CCI France International? "For [...]

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Aurore, the research program that accompanies you in your project management processes

Created in 2010, the Aurore research program was intended to enrich the expertise of our consulting firm by capitalizing on research and development activities specialized in project management. Today, the program offers its partners a real heritage thanks to the various research projects conducted in recent years, a history to be developed. The Aurore program is unique in France In 2010, research centers dedicated to project management were already identifiable on the international market with laboratories bringing together researchers on this same theme. However, this was not the case in France. It is therefore with the objective of proposing a French research program dedicated to project management that Daylight, the transformation consulting firm of Blue Soft Consulting, started looking for academic partners to create a unique program. Today, the Aurore program is an original and singular structure. Established in an applied research approach, the value of the Aurore program is to bring a "toolbox" to partners and practitioners. Research and Development (R&D) would have no reason to exist without business support. It is therefore thanks to the interactions with the consultants of the [...]

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The changing needs of CIOs by our Microsoft solutions specialist

In a constantly changing IT market, the needs of IT departments are becoming increasingly complex. Numerous Microsoft solutions are available, which can be adapted to each of the problems encountered by organizations. Alexandre Lamotte and Patrick Dubois, co-directors of Blue Soft Empower , our subsidiary specialized in Microsoft solutions, tell us more. The evolution of the stakes in the IT market and the needs of the IT department Organizations today have two main needs. First and foremost, organizations are looking to implement hybrid work to allow company employees to work remotely and on site. For this purpose, Teams and Viva solutions allow companies to meet their requirements. They also focus on the dimensioning of the IS to meet new business needs and the perpetual renewal of services and infrastructure solutions. In this case, it is cloud Azure that will enable organizations to meet their challenges. Despite the difficulty of predicting tomorrow's challenges, four fundamental points have been observed. First of all, data processing and business process automation for which Power Platform and artificial intelligence are adapted. We also find the agility needed in a context of merger and acquisition for which the 3 Microsoft clouds are perfectly suited. At the heart of the news and [...]

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Mobile application security: vulnerabilities to watch out for

Computer systems and computers are not the only ones with security vulnerabilities: mobile devices and applications are also very vulnerable to cyber attacks. Some vulnerabilities are more frequent on this type of technical environment and it is necessary to detect them, from the creation phase of an application to the end of its life cycle. I - Security on Android and iOS: two rooms, two atmospheres On the smartphone market, two operating systems predominate: iOS and Android. In June 2021, their combined market share is 99.9% on the French market. Source : Apple or Android Nation? Statista These two operating systems have their own specificities in terms of application development. Indeed, while iOS applications are mainly programmed in Objective-C language, Java is used on Android. The same goes for their installation, configuration, programming environment, design, testing and management of the cybersecurity strategy. II - The main types of vulnerabilities in mobile applications Before listing the main vulnerabilities observed in mobile applications, it is important to remember that there are two categories of vulnerabilities in mobile applications.

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Infrastructure automation: 5 key trends CIOs are watching

More than 90% of companies will work with an automation architect by 2025, compared to less than 20% today, according to Gartner. The stakes of infrastructure automation are high for I&O (Infrastructure & Operations) teams. Indeed, more and more organizations, such as large corporations and small and medium-sized companies, are using infrastructure automation based on artificial intelligence (AI or Infrastructure Automation) and machine learning. The advantages are obvious: tasks previously performed manually (installation, configuration, maintenance of the infrastructure) can now be performed by software. This not only saves time, but also reduces errors. It is therefore normal that IT departments are interested in this and are starting to implement such solutions in the information system. It is a question at the heart of the competitiveness of companies. Gartner even popularizes the term hyperautomation, a notion that encompasses the whole trend around automating the entire organization, beyond the IT infrastructure. When it comes to IT infrastructure, there are several ways to implement an automation strategy. The Gartner study highlights the ones that inspire "the most confidence": VMware [...]

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