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2024 recruitment: 200 team positions to be filled Blue Soft

Blue Soft announces over 200 new hires for 2024, the fast-growing company is recruiting on a massive scale in almost all its branches in France and Europe. The organization is continuing to expand its regional presence, and is showing its commitment to transparency with its new Talents Bleus employer brand. What jobs will Blue Soft have available in 2024? Blue soft is launching a recruitment campaign for all its business units in the service and digital sectors, throughout France and Europe. Over 200 positions are open for recruitment on permanent or temporary contracts. Join our teams in Belgium For our Belgian entity, Blue Soft Belgium, which provides expertise in data architecture, storage and analysis, we are recruiting more than a dozen positions in Brussels for: project managers, engineers cloud, business analysts and account managers. Recruitment Blue Soft : Pushing the boundaries of infrastructure automation For our Cloud Infrastructures teams, our transformation specialist, we are looking for around 40 consultants, 90% of whom will be based in Paris, with the remaining 10% in Lille and Lyon. We are looking for a variety of positions, including systems engineers and architects (Linux, [...]

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Understanding the essential role of a PMO

In the ever-changing world of project management, the PMO (Project Management Officer) plays an essential role within an organization, responsible for supporting and improving project management. In this article, we'll explain what a PMO is, and why it's so important to the success of projects Definition of a PMO. A Project Management Officer is responsible for overseeing, controlling and supporting the execution of projects within an organization. The PMO has a central role in project management, providing processes, methodologies, tools and resources to ensure that project objectives are met. PMO responsibilities. The responsibilities of a PMO can vary depending on the organization and the maturity of its project management, below are details of some common tasks: Process development: the PMO defines project management standards and processes to ensure consistency and efficiency in task execution Resource management: the PMO is responsible for project-related resources, including resource allocation, workforce planning, skills management and optimization of available resources Project monitoring and control: [...].

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Is project management the poor relation of consulting?

To begin with, what is project management consulting? Project management consulting is a profession that encompasses many issues. Companies, both public and private, hire consultants to help them manage their projects. Although everyone is familiar with the concept of project, few people really understand the ins and outs of this profession. What do project management consultants do? Project management consultants can intervene in various situations. They can help a company in difficulty to understand the reasons for its problems and to put in place solutions to remedy them. Their main mission is to bring a project back on track and to complete it successfully, even if this means modifying the initial plan. A standardized project management method or a case-by-case approach? The work of consultants can also be more global. By tackling organizational problems that affect the whole company. In these cases, it is no longer a question of solving a specific problem but of reviewing the general functioning of the company. It is then necessary to ask the right questions in order to find solutions [...]

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QA tools to test the development of your applications and sprints

An application is good, a working application is better! And for that, the Quality Assurance team of the Blue Soft group does not slacken its efforts in the hunt for bugs. Here is a short tour of the main tools used by the QA team. Testrail, QA tool for writing tests The flagship tool of the QA department of the group Blue Soft, which is also the basis of the tester, is Testrail. "It is the tool with which we write our four tests, which we use for all our test campaigns and where we have all our traceability," explains Arnaud Walet, QA Manager at Blue Soft Group since 2021. There are a few competitors on the market, such as Test Link X-Ray for example, but Testrail remains the number one tool for our test team. Java Selenium, QA tool for automated applications For the automated part of web applications, it is the Java Selenium QA tool that is preferred by our test team. It's a tool that can be used for anything, even without knowing too much: its ease of use and understanding make it accessible with a minimum of explanation and training. "It is a tool that is constantly being improved and is totally dynamic in the way it works.

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State of agile 2023: things to remember

This 16th edition of the annual State of Agile survey is marked by a profound influence of post-covid practices. We learn that the emergence of hybrid work environments (telecommuting, flex-office, back to the office early 2022...) and hybrid events have influenced agile methods. We decided to take the logic of the report and synthesize it to give you the essential information to remember. State of Agile trends According to 89% of respondents, the values to have for a successful agile team would be empathy, a clear company culture, good tools and responsible leaders. We also learn the main reasons for adopting agility in 2022 (several answers possible): We also learn how agile projects are prioritized among most respondents. (multiple responses possible): Companies and their experiences with agile Agile is no longer just for development teams. 2022 has seen a growing number of teams adopt agile as part of their day-to-day missions. This is the case in more and more marketing, R&D, HR teams (Editor's note: it was in 2022 that the marketing team of Blue Soft adopted agility in its processes). Agility [...]

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PMO Community of Practice, a new challenge for Blue Soft Consuting

In September 2022, Blue Soft Consulting set up its first PMO community of practice. The aim is to provide a space for employees to exchange ideas with other teams interested in the same theme. It also aims to standardize PMO practices across the Group and its subsidiaries. A PMO community of practice driven by its members First and foremost, this community was created by a group of consultants who wanted to have a forum for discussing their ideas. They also wanted to share their processes, experiences, successes and learnings with other employees interested in the same topic. "It's a group of people working on the same subjects. They will share a common vocabulary and develop around the theme of PMO," explains Dalyl Hadj Bouzid, project management consultant Daylight Consulting and leader of the PMO community. Today, the community includes around twenty employees from Blue Soft and its subsidiaries, all of whom are interested in PMO activities. The PMO community of practice offers two activities: First and foremost, regular exchanges on a dedicated Teams channel. This is a channel where all participants can help each other out, ask questions, contribute [...].

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Code Insider joins the group Blue Soft

Code Insider joins the group Blue Soft and thus boosts our software development offer with techniques and practices designed to guarantee the extreme quality of web engineering. After the integration of Scient, another arrival in the group Second acquisition at the beginning of 2023, after the purchase of Scient, an ESN specialized in digital transformation and data. Blue Soft opts this time for Code Insider, a French company created by Benjamin Vidon and César Mourot and endowed with an extra-qualitative code culture. "Code Insider is the extra soul in the code business that we were looking for, this excellence capable of being industrialized without losing any of its quality principles" explains Ludovic HAYAT, co-director with Thierry BOCCARA, of the Blue Soft group. "It is also a very attractive company professionally, which knows how to attach real enthusiasts. Benjamin and César are as sympathetic as competent in their speciality as in the management of the men and the women who compose the structure" adds Thierry BOCCARA. With a turnover of 4M€ for the year 2022, Code Insider is the new nugget to join the entities of the group Blue Soft, testifying of similar entrepreneurial cultures. "We have studied many [...]

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Containerization in development and deployment

What is containerization and how does it work? Containerization is an increasingly popular concept in the software development world. Much lighter than traditional virtual machines, this technique allows applications and their dependencies to be grouped and managed in separate containers that are isolated from each other. You have to think of containerization as a system of layers. First, the OS, then the necessary functionality. Like virtualization, containerization is designed to isolate applications in a dedicated environment. However, its vision is more atomic and aims to reduce the scope of services as much as possible by isolating them from each other, whereas virtualization would tend to consider an ecosystem as a whole. Unlike virtualization, containerization has the advantage of not requiring the installation and configuration of a new virtualized system. [Here is a diagram illustrating the difference between a container and a virtual machine: (The host operating system is the main operating system on which a guest system, called the guest operating system, is running. The host operating system provides resources such as memory, processor, and hardware.

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What is a QA (Quality Assurance) Manager or Test Manager?

Quality Assurance Manager (QA Manager) is a very mysterious word for a very useful job within the group Blue Soft. Let's go back to the head of our test team, Arnaud Walet, to find out more about his job, its constraints and its advantages. QA Manager or test manager: job description To begin with, the main objective of this role. It is to put in place all the tools and processes to test the applications or sprints that are developed. The QA manager works within a development team. He tests the achievements of his colleagues and improves the finished product. To do this, he will have to test the entire scope to ensure that the deliverable or what is going to be delivered works correctly. Not to be confused with the people in charge of testing, who write the test scenarios and execute them. The QA Manager supervises, trains and accompanies the testers while setting up the tools on which the test teams will work. Arnaud summarizes: "The main function is to guarantee the quality of an application, i.e. its proper functioning. A position as agile as development The QA manager, [...]

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Creating an outstanding user experience for a sustainable UX

All too often reduced to its technical aspect, user experience nevertheless deserves to be explored more widely. Between cultural questions and corporate issues, UX Design today considers a more sustainable design. Le Renard Bleu, a design agency of the group Blue Soft, explains this aspect in its new white paper on the "Approach to the design of digital services and tools". User experience in the 90's When the internet first appeared in the early 90's, digital belonged to engineers. It was in the mid-90s that design and user experience emerged. Without any comparison, this era marks the freedom of exploration of design. With no codes or standards defined, web designers were progressively moving forward with no real reference point. Then the technological advances were more and more frequent: tables, gif, interfaces in flash, CSS and Javascript. Faced with this rapid technical evolution, norms, standards and design models became more and more common. The beginning of 2010 marks the advent of professional and private applications, as well as the evolution of mobility habits. This will completely transform the uses and expectations of users in terms of experience and UX. These growing technological mutations will lead the [...]

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