The experts Blue Soft of our Digital pole have been working for several years with Rue du Commerce, in order to optimize the performance of the site. The company was kind enough to give us its feedback... Positive of course!

For the past two and a half years, Rue du Commerce has entrusted Blue Soft with the management of part of its IT resources. After a previous experience with our teams, Jean-Michel Colas, its Jean-Michel Colas, its IT Director, wanted to continue this approach when he took up his post at Rue du Commerce. "There is a real problem of recruiting competent service providers in our business. We are happy to be able to collaborate with a company that understands our needss and knows how to meet them, it's as simple as that, it's as simple as that," he says.

A strong focus on the customer experience

In the world of consumer e-commerce, competition is fierce and customers are uncompromising about the quality of their experience. The entire information system must be able to meet this requirement. When Rue du Commerce was integrated into the Carrefour group in 2016, several changes were necessary. The front and back offices had not evolved for a long time and the entire system had to be quickly rewritten, while preserving the quality of navigation and and ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Two strategic elements of the site were on the agenda for modernization: the management of the of productsand the complete overhaul of the marketplace. The project started with the front office elements, the most visible from the users' point of view. Blue Soft was able to quickly propose development profiles and the required IT skills for this partand a first team was quickly set up.

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Using microservices for serenely evolve the back office

Then it was time to deal with the back office, without negatively impacting the site's performance. To achieve this, Rue du Commerce chose to rewrite the back office by dividing it into microservicesin the form of APIs. This makes it easier to evolve the system quickly enough to keep pace with market needs and meet the strategic demands of the business.s strategic requirements, particularly in terms of fidelization, offer management or search engine search engine. On the same subject, you can also read the 4 essential steps for choosing and implementing an API. As needs evolved, Blue Soft reacted swiftly and reshaped the team dedicated to Rue du Commerce, proposing experienced and operational profiles in the following technologies Symfony, .Net, Java technologies, Hybris... In all, around ten people are involved at Rue du Commerce.

The result was the expected level of performance: after 2 years of collaboration, in March 2018, Rue du Commerce became the 1st e-commerce site in terms of display quality and speed. Better user comfort translates directly into better natural referencing. On the scale of a major e-commerce player, this quickly translates into increased sales.

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The key to success for this long-term project: people

The rewriting of the information system is well underway, and The rewriting of the information system is already well underway, and should continue until at least 2020 if it is to meet all its objectives, in particular that of being consistent with all the group's services. And Rue du Commerce continues to place its trust in Blue Soft. For the past 2 years, development has been carried out using agile methods, and people have been trained to quickly get to grips with the rituals of working with Product Owners. But competence remains the priority. "Above all, we're looking for highly technical profiles, and we measure the quality of profiles that come from Blue Soft. What's more, it's not so common to find such a close relationship between management and the customer's teams. We really appreciate the way individuals are monitored. People who come from Blue Soft are valuable members of a team: they're well They are well integrated and feel at ease in the team, which in turn contributes to the team's performance, says Jean-Michel Colas. Interested in agility? Read our article State of agile 2023: things to remember.

And on the Blue Soft side, we make it a point of honor to follow up regularly on the service, with all the people involved in the team: the project managers, the CIO, the assistant, the POs... Jonathan Alloun, Account Manager at Blue Soft for over 7 years, explains: "JI go to see our employees about every month, in a more or less formal way: we have coffee, we go to lunch, we talk about We have coffee, we go to lunch, we talk about their obstacles or any problems they have encountered. Tach quarterestres I have a team meeting with Rue du Commerce to see what areas need improvement, and I pass on the information one-to-one. ". A follow-up that is the key to success in a long-term collaboration and to projects that are successful.he key to successful long-term collaboration and successful projects!

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