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Remote UX/UI workshops with CCI France International

Is it possible to successfully conduct UX/UI workshops around the world, in 4 different countries? Pascal Ameline, in charge of digital activities at CCI France International and Peter Winckler, Director of Member Relations and Partnership for the French Chamber of Commerce in Canada, based in Montreal, share their respective experiences. The different stages of the UX/UI workshops with the CCIFI "First, we launched a first large project with Canada, Qatar, and Great Britain who participated in UX/UI workshops with the graphic design team of Blue Soft in order to define the outline and functional perimeter of the application, define the user stories, define the wiresframes, and the mock-ups.Testing all these graphical interfaces with testers and end-users to arrive at a validated functional and graphical perimeter on which the Blue Soft development teams were mobilized for the construction and design of the mobile application. Introduced Pascal Ameline. Peter Winckler presents his experience with remote UX/UI workshops: "The first contact I had was a workshop with your teams. What was quite incredible was that I [...]

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Can customer relations play a major role in the success of an application?

With the mobile application project, CCIFI Connect, Blue Soft and CCI France International have created a real partnership that goes beyond a simple customer relationship. Charles Maridor, General Delegate of CCI France International and Pascal Ameline, in charge of the digital activity at CCI France International tell you how this relationship was born and how these links were forged. Why did you call on Blue Soft ? Charles Maridor's vision of the project: "For a long time, CCI France International has had a mobile application project and it is clear that the health crisis and the acceleration of digitalization for many organizations during this period have encouraged us to accelerate this project and launch it. To do so, we explored the market and studied different options and finally, Blue Soft, seemed to be the right company to solicit for this project and we found with Blue Soft, not only a service provider, but also a partner who knew how to understand our specificities and who knew how to adapt to our constraints whether they are organizational or financial. " What did you like about the approach of Blue Soft and Le Renard Bleu? Pascal Ameline [...]

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IS mutualization and regulation: Blue Soft Consulting has been supporting Klesia since 2016

In 2012, the Klesia Group was born from the merger of two players in the social protection sector. Since 2009, the European Solvency 2 directive has sought to make the insurance industry more secure, by requiring it to have a high level of equity to cover exceptional claims. For many players, this can only be achieved by joining forces. With this operation, Klesia has the necessary size and solvency to be a leading player in social protection, for many sectors of activity. Any merger calls for a pooling of means, resources and tools. The Klesia group quickly took action on several facets of its information system to bring coherence to the whole group, streamline flows and pool efforts. In a multi-project context, our subsidiary Ileo, a consulting firm specializing in insurance, supported the deployment of an insurance management ERP that has become a market benchmark. Rather than creating an "in-house" ERP solution, Klesia relied on Cegedim, a publisher specializing in the health and provident ecosystem, to build a solution that could be adapted to other market players. An innovative idea based on the sharing of production fundamentals, but one that required the utmost rigor at every level. For the recipe [...]

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Marriage between Ileo and Blue Soft : a look back at the acquisition of the insurance specialist

Last April, in the midst of a period of confinement, Ileo - a consulting firm specializing in project management and operations management in the banking and insurance sectors - joined the Blue Soft group family. With its insurance expertise and strong regional presence, Ileo reinforces the group's strategy and vision. A few months after the deal, let's take a look back at Ileo's history, expertise and development within the group with Thomas Clément, Chief Operating Officer. Can you tell us why, after several successful years in the insurance and banking sectors, you chose to join forces with Blue Soft ? Thomas Clément explains: "When Ileo was created in 2008, we decided to hyper-specialize in the banking and insurance sectors. In the midst of the financial crisis, the three original founders had a vision of what was to come: tighter regulations and the resulting major changes to the information systems of all players in the sector. At the time, there was no such thing as a pure player in SSI project management, and even less so in the insurance industry. As a result, Ileo was able to blossom into a [...]

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Support Blue Soft within the DevOps department of Médiamétrie

For more than 10 years, Blue Soft has been working with Médiamétrie to meet their production engineering and system and network needs. Since 2009, Médiamétrie has adopted the Agile SCRUM method for software development. In 2015, Médiamétrie wanted to extend Agile to the Production teams by adopting a DevOps culture, making it one of the pioneers in France. This decision has helped strengthen the collaboration between Médiamétrie and Blue Soft, which makes Devops one of its specialties. We spoke with Christophe Roulland, director of the Devops department at Médiamétrie since 2020. He explained the origins of this department, how it works and why Blue Soft has been their preferred partner for a long time. You are the director of the Devops department since 2020. How is it structured? "Our Devops department is made up of 8 teams, each of which is responsible for a portfolio of products. Each of these teams consists of: 3 to 5 developers 1 or 2 Ops Scrum Masters across several teams 1 Product Owner "Why did Médiamétrie create a Devops department? "One of the first reasons is cultural. We had trouble [...]

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IS transformation at TUI, the world's number one tour operator

For over two years, Blue Soft has been supporting the IT department of TUI, the world's number 1 travel company. Our consultants and developers have contributed to a vast transformation of the information system. With Danny Houée, Head of Software Delivery, we take a look back at this adventure and the ingredients of our successful collaboration. Major structuring projects and the Covid crisis: Tui's needs vary in volume Could you describe your role and the organization of your team? Danny Houée explains: "I'm responsible for "IT software delivery", which means that my role is to provide the company with technological tools that facilitate the work of all employees and enable better performance at all levels. I manage a team of 30 Developers and Scrum Masters, and we call on specialist external skills to support our developments and TUI France's business needs. Since I took on this role, I've been working with Blue Soft, who have been able to respond quickly and appropriately to our needs, presenting us with profiles that are perfectly suited to our requirements, with relevant TJMs. In times of crisis, find out how to reconcile collaborative working and teleworking. As with all teams [...]

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How Blue Soft became the preferred partner of Rue du Commerce

The experts Blue Soft of our Digital pole have been working for several years with Rue du Commerce, in order to optimize the site's performance. The company was kind enough to give us its feedback... Positive of course! For the past two and a half years, Rue du Commerce has entrusted Blue Soft with the management of part of its IT resources. After a previous experience with our teams, Jean-Michel Colas, its IT Director, wanted to continue this approach when he took up his position at Rue du Commerce. "There is a real problem of recruiting competent service providers in our business. We are happy to be able to work with a company that understands our needs and knows how to meet them, it's as simple as that," he says. A strong focus on customer experience In the consumer e-commerce world, competition is fierce and customers are adamant about the quality of their experience. The entire information system must be able to meet this requirement. When Rue du Commerce was integrated into the Carrefour group in 2016, several changes were necessary. Front office and back office had not evolved for a long time and the whole system had to be quickly rewritten, [...]

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ÏDKIDS collaborates with Blue Soft for its digital transformation

Long known for its experience in retail, the group Blue Soft has been supporting IDKIDS in its digital transformation for several months. Let's take a look at an ambitious and coherent project. The IDKIDS community Born with Okaïdi 20 years ago, the ÏDKIDS community has been accelerating its transformation over the past few years with the implementation of a common web platform for all its brands. A key project for the future that aims to ensure the coherent development of all its brands in the service of the group's commitment: WE ACT FOR KIDS. ÏDKIDS brings together a community of brands, products and services that are beneficial and militant for children aged 0 to 12. They all share the same project to act so that the world progresses in the service of the growing child, a project summarized by the commitment "WE ACT FOR KIDS". Collections of clothes, shoes and accessories: Jacadi, Okaïdi, Obaïdi; Games and toys: Oxybul, Day care centers and leisure activities: Rigolo Comme la Vie, Fun and educational activities: N'Joy, App for parents to share their children's journeys: Cmabulle, Parenting magazine: Bubble Mag, Online childcare consumer guide: Consobaby... A wide range of activities based on a 20-year history.

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